Facial Recognition Thermal Scanner


Since raising the Coronavirus outbreak alert level from yellow to orange on 7 February, the Government has advised that temperature screening is to be carried out before anyone can enter a premise.

Security guards have been tasked to perform manual temperature screening using a digital thermometer pointed at the forehead of visitors. This puts the security guard at risk.

Automated Self-Help System

In a bid to make temperature taking more efficient, safe and cost-effective, Concorde Security has introduced a tablet-based automated self-help temperature-scanning system that allows temperature checks to be conducted without the involvement of any personnel.

How It Works - Temperature Sensing

A motion-sensing camera detects the movement of a person, triggers the thermometer to take the temperature in about two seconds, and displays the reading on the screen.

If the reading is below the preset threshold of 37.5 deg C, the temperature will be displayed, and a green indicator is shown.

If the reading is above the preset threshold of 3 7.5 deg C, indicating that the person might have a fever, the device will sound an alert and display a red LED light, to signal the need to seek further medical attention.

How It Works - Facial Recognition

Companies can use the system to confirm whether a visitor is an employee. The system is able to compare the image captured with its database of employee head-shots. When there is a match, the employee picture is displayed. The unit can store up to 10,000 employee head-shots.

Employees can proceed, but visitors will have to fill up a Declaration Form for contact tracing.
Facial Recognition Thermal Scanner 4S (Nov 20)


Product Specifications - Suitable for both Outdoor & Indoor

March 2020

Version 14.1

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