I-Man Facility Sprinter (IFS)

Officially launched in late 2015, the patented I-Man Facility Sprinter (or “IFS”) is essentially a mobile command and control centre equipped with advanced monitoring and wireless communication equipment managed by a team of 3 Intelligent-Man (I-Man).

Wirelessly connected to a cluster of buildings, the IFS provides security surveillance to these buildings and responds immediately to any security incidents.

The following highlights its key features:

  1. The use of advanced technologies to provide an integrated solution which is more secured and robust
    IFS provides a more secured and robust solution for our customers despite the reduction in manpower. It utilizes smart devices, like intelligent cameras with video analytic capability and multiple wireless communication technologies using TV White Space (TVWS) as the core technology. The video analytics allow our I-Man to respond to alerts instead of constantly look out for abnormal activities from the multiple monitors installed in the IFS.
  2. Clustering of multiple buildings allows for resource sharing and significant cost saving and increase in productivity
    As the IFS is wirelessly connected to multiple buildings in the vicinity, this forms a cluster enabling the reduction of man guards especially at night. The cost saving allows Concorde to price its services to about half of the cost of a traditional guard. Productivity is greatly improved as the 3-man team provides services to 10 or more buildings.
  3. Enhanced security
    Securing premises with intelligent cameras and access controls enhances security while minimizing the deployment of human on the ground, normally the weakest link of any security solution.
  4. Connectivity to multiple buildings allows for value-added services
    Accordingly, since IFS is integrated to multiple buildings, it becomes a logical platform for introduction of smart solutions and other advanced technologies. Aligning with Smart Nation initiatives, Concorde uses big data analytics to do performance monitoring and improve facility maintenance, all of which are value-added services to building owners.
  5. Ease of deployment with a mesh network of IFS
    Deployment of any IFS to a particular cluster can be done seamlessly as each IFS is already pre-integrated to all the clusters in an area. These would minimize downtime and provide redundancy.
    Compared to traditional guards and central monitoring solution, IFS is a simply a revolutionary more intelligent and efficient way of providing security. It emphasizes the use of technologies, allowing people to be elevated to a higher and more intelligent role, in line with the Smart Nation vision.

A video explaining how our IFS works.


Touted as the future of man-guarding, IFS is simply disruptive. The immediate benefits of adopting the IFS as the security solution are as follows:

  • Asset Value: Enhancing your Asset Value with improved tenants / customers satisfaction, thanks to higher level of security
  • Cost Saving: Reduces your monthly service fees with a return on your investment in less than 12 months
  • Productivity Gain: Achieving high productivity gain of more than 300% and improving service delivery levels
  • Socio – Economic Value: CSR with good work-life balance and promoting SkillsFuture and the Singapore Core
  • Human Value: While resolving the manpower shortages in the man-guarding industry, the IFS creates new job opportunities attracting new breed of “Intelligent-Man” specialists into the industry

The implementation of IFS also creates a new disruptive business model that entirely transformed Concorde into a unique security technology solution provider with the following impacts:

  • Industry Leader
    Positions Concorde as an industry leader adopting disruptive innovation and technology;

  • Scalable and Exportable
    Patented in 57 countries worldwide, IFS solution is scalable and exportable overseas, not possible under the traditional man-guarding business model; and
  • Solution Platform
    The connectivity of many buildings to IFS vehicles provides a new platform for more advanced technologies and solutions to be introduced and implemented for the benefit of building owners and society. This will be the key to a sustainable and successful business model.


The IFS is recognised and has received patents in the countries below. Click to view: