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Secured Cruise Vessel (I-Cruiser)


With the increasing number of developing islands around the world, it has been of great challenge for the properties' owners to have a better security of the whole island due to geographical barriers. These security forces are unable to provide sufficient forces versus the number of offshore properties and vast area of coverage.

Secured Cruise Vessel (I-Cruiser) Solution is our Third Phase development that allows us to perform the same functions as our land I-Man Facility Sprinter (IFS) which is manned by a team known as I-Managers that responds to emergency alarms immediately.

Made possible with the use of TVWS technology, I-Guarding utilities the I-Cruiser, resulted the possibilities of leading protection and facility services provision with high quality video streaming for surveillance and communication transmission efficiency which is not always possible previously.

Therefore, our I-Cruiser Solution allows the owners and developers of the privately owned offshore properties to have a sufficient security protection.