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TV White Space (TVWS)

We are pleased to bring you the benefits of TVWS by entering a technology transfer agreement with a world renowned tech research institute. And becoming the first Licensee in our line of business to use its TV White Space for Super Wi-Fi, a US Provisional Patent, in the field of: Video Surveillance and Communication System and Services, and Facilities Management, Monitoring and Response Service.

With the world being increasingly connected through mobile and high-speed communication devices and its infinite advancement, there's also an increasing likelihood of a network crunch happening. Which means that the availability and use of new spectra is of great importance to counter the high proliferation of devices connected to the internet.

Therefore, we have gone for a leading solution in efficiently using TV White Spaces (TVWS), also known as Super Wi-Fi, as a wireless platform to deliver its services.


TVWS is proving to be an economical and efficient way of delivering wireless, reliable and affordable broadband access. Its distinctive advantages include:

  • The ability to travel over longer distances
  • Penetrate through more obstacles and tough terrain
  • Requires less power
  • Potentially abundant bandwidth

By using the range and penetration benefits, TVWS could offer services the current 3G and Wi-Fi service providers are finding difficult to offer.

One good example is our wireless video surveillance and communication system and service. This is where TVWS is better suited, given that it does not face issues such as quality degradation faced by 3G during network congestion, or the distance limitations that hamper Wi-Fi services.

With its ease of deployment, and being able to eliminate trenching and multiple architecture (thanks to being cable-free), TVWS can help to reduce your network costs significantly and continuously. Especially for long-range communications, including that for unfavourable terrain and maritime-use.

One example is having a mobile surveillance camera that uses TVWS to beam from a ship's deck (if you have or want to monitor hatches or works being done) back - over hundreds of meters and past interfering port structures - to  your control room.

Longer Range

In typical applications, a strong Wi-Fi signal can cover 100 metres, while a Super Wi-Fi signal at the same power level can easily travel 400 metres. And with higher power, can cover many kilometres. 4 times the distance will lead to 16 times the area covered.

With the same power, comparing 2.4GHz to 600MHz, the result is:

  • More bandwidth
  • Lower network costs
  • Lower power consumption

Penetrate Obstacles

Conventional Wi-Fi is relatively weak when it comes to working in typical physical settings, bumping up against concrete obstructions and many types of walls. Most population centres have thousands of likely Wi-Fi impediments. And almost any installation in a building with more than a few rooms will eventually hit limits.

You've probably experienced this yourself... When you have your router placed in the hall of your home, but you don't receive a Wi-Fi signal when you're in your master bedroom.

Likewise, many rural areas are difficult to serve using existing technologies. This is due to heavy foilage or topographical challenges. It can also be due to underdeveloped infrastructure where network cables aren't as extensive as the modern cities we're used to today.

With TVWS, you could save on the expensive cost of laying cables just to monitor remote areas on your site.

Greater Efficiencies

Covering a longer and wider range with approximately the same power and computing requirements results in:

  • Systems that will deliver more bandwidth and
  • More consumer benefits at lower network costs
  • Lower power consumption and with
  • Less interference in transmission

How can TVWS work for you?

If you're seeking a low-cost or cost-efficient way to monitor or have surveillance on your remote sites, vessels in your port, or planes in your maintenance hangars, please drop us a note using the contact form below. Thank you.