“Dear Management, Appreciation for good security service provided We refer to above mentioned, my company management is impressed with your security guards performance and their contribution. We appreciate for the decent security service provided by your company. We look forward to working with you for years to come. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Kang Choon Tew”
I appreciate your long time good service for us. And if we have any other chance to employ securities, I will get back to you. Thank you again and Best regards.

Review from Alert Disaster Control

Dear Sir/Madam, On behalf of ALERT, we wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to your organization for providing the Facility Officer (security service) to look after the facility onboard the barge vessel known as “ALERT-1 Sri Kresna” since January 2014. Your team’s goodattitude and professionalism has certainly contributed to the safety
“Attention: Mr. Alan Chua Dear Sirs Appreciation for Good Service Rendered at SoilBuild Properties – iPark, B-Central, WaterFront, Waterview, Penjuru Logistics Hub and WestPark Biz Central This letter serves to express our appreciation to all the assistance and professional attitudes displayed by your team of patrol and security officers at our Properties managed by SB

Review from Ascendas

“Hi Alan, I’m glad to inform you that your employee, K Kannan and K Selvan has done a good job. Both of them had shown their integrity and professionalism while on duty which they took extra step to ensure all activities at 10 Toh Guan run smoothly. 10 Toh Guan is a commercial / logistics
I must praise your employee, Teegan for his excellent security service provided at Sentosa construction site. He has always been displaying high responsiveness and good working attitude. The management is very pleased with his performance and contribution. We appreciate his hard work and commitment during his service with us. Thank you. Yours Faithfully A. MAJID